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Real Madrid: Top Earning Club

In a report about revenues of football clubs, Real Madrid became the biggest earner after Man United’s slipping to the third one. The report also indicated that football is still booming, an increase of 6% on the previous year. It’s estimated that top 2-0 highest-earning clubs has earned about £7.4bn jointly. Although Man United failed to keep pace with Real Madrid and Barcelona, the club pulled in £581m in 2017-18 season, reducing  £8.8m on the previous season. The reports also perceived that Man United pulled in similar revenues from UEFA, because they have won the Europa League in 2016-17 season.

In the meantime, Real Madrid ranks the first by earning more than £85m, reaching £665.2m in total and surpassing the one holding a third consecutive titles. It was the first football club who earned more than €750m. Barcelona has established themselves as a Spanish one-two, because more than £611m, increasing over £50m. Reasons of the increase should be owed to new shirt sponsorship from a Japanese E-commerce company and winning La Liga.

One Deloitte partner Dan Jones said that European football has remained a bull market, accompanying approximately €450m revenue growth. Breaking through in annual revenues in 2017-18 season is based on outstanding performances in pitches, mostly resting on three Champions League titles in a row. It is also another reason to attract more commercial partners.

English clubs remain their strong momentum in pitches with Man City’s the fifth position; Liverpool earned  (£455m) a season, increasing from the ninth one to the seventh. The team won more £90m after running to last year’s Champions League final. Some football clubs performed slightly worse than previous clubs, such as Chelsea (£448m), Arsenal (£389m) and Tottenham (£379m) respectively. Gunners revenues are less nearly £30m, because it fell to win qualifications for the Champions League. At the same time, Tottenham Hotspur pulled in a £26.5m increase in match-day. Shortly after, the club move to Wembley to participate in Champions League, bridging the gap on Arsenal to around £10m.

Nonetheless, Deloitte warned a lack of substantial increases when the Premier League clubs are still excited for their dominance in Money League. In other words, more clubs from other “big five” leagues are narrow the gap. But some argued that substantial presence felt of Premier League still dominant this year’s money league. Nevertheless, it is obvious that Premier League clubs need to find new ways to sustainable growth rather than depending on explosive growth in broadcast distributions, though case of recent years keeps consistent.

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