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Monaco’s Progress after Summer Sales

For Neymar’s outstanding performances and football fans enthusiasm, almost the season for Paris-Saint Germain (PSG) is the soap opera of Neymar. Let’s analysis specific condition through Monaco. The latest 3-1 away win is the 14th win of League game in a row.

After the turning of year, the PSG have impressed all people with their strong overall strength, building the team as one of the promising team so far. Some believe that there is no need for surprising when you see efforts having been made by their manager Leonardo Jardim. He build the team again and again. Nevertheless, the number of people recognizing Leonardo Jardim’s achievements is not very big.

In a recent interview, the former Olympiakos manager voiced that he would like to dirve a Ferrari every season. On the contrary, he build the team from scratch every season. There is a substantial difference between Monaco and other football clubs. Their occupation is to produce excellent football players on the basis of their individual characteristics. They could not summarize one footballer’s playing style simply, because they have to adjust the footballers they have signed.

In order to reinvent their football players, Monaco took six months to build up their ability. In the very beginning, things were not effective. The successful 4-4-2 formation in last season is not suitable for current conditions any more for the absence of Radamel Falcao. In this case, they changed back their 4-3-3 formation, which dose work as in his first season at club. Some footballers got injured in football games; some footballer performed bad on football pitch; some new footballers still need time to adapt themselves to new environment.

Monaco reached the semifinals of Champions League last year, and this year’s competition arrived too early, too. Although the team was not too hard, Monaco were involved in serious transition at the time. Viewing from the disappointing sequences for football matches, footballers of Monaco knew that they were stuck in a negative position. This is the second time they failed to win four game consecutively after three defeats and one draw at the end of November. In the history of the football club, they never failed out of the first four in the Ligue 1 while the current situation seems beyond their control after a 2-2 draw in Marseille.

In the end, Monaco’s manager Jardim solved the problem with a 4-2-3-1 formation. After changing their strategy, the current condition of the team is becoming better. The Monaco’s manager Jardim’s has great influence on Rony Lopes’ performances. In the last eight football matches, the winger of Portugal side is unstoppable at that moment, winning seven goals in the last eight football games. Under the help and adjustment of his coach, he grew into a big candidate for the World Cup team from a promising football player.

Although it is impossible for Monaco to win the title of the League Cup, the team will play against PSG in the final of League Cup in March. Under the leadership of Leonardo Jardim, the team became the third and then the first football team.